Brief about myself:

I'm Chin Tan. I'm a Professional Full Time Currensys Trader. By qualifications, I'm a qualified accountant and also a Certified Financial Risk Manager.

Having worked for Exchange, Retail Brokers and Institutional Brokers, I have known "First Hand" as to what really moves the market, what keeps some guys TICK and what keeps MOST guys losing.

I had the dream to help all the aspirants with something really concrete that works! With that dream and ambition in mind, I came up with this course.

I've distilled down my experience in the most comprehensive book which will teach you everything that is needed for your success. Remember, over information is a killer and you do not need to know more than what is mentioned in the course.

I'm sure you will immesely benefit from this course and from my ongoing and never ending support.

Your support,

Chin Tan