Don’t get overwhelmed by the fancy claims that most marketing professionals make to lure you into buying their programs. Trading is not easy. It is not about buying “some program” and making money right away. Trading requires a lot of patience and discipline as a first tool and a solid trading strategy as a second tool. While I will provide you with the second tool (i.e. profitable forex trading methodology), you need to ask yourself if you are willing to work on patience and discipline. If only the answer to this question is YES, then go about reading this website else you will be better off not venturing into this business.

As a real world professional trader, I’m proud to introduce "Fresh – Out of the Box – Highly Accurate and Incredibly Powerful" Real World Forex Trading Methodology.

• FOLLOWS THE "BIG MONEY“ – We will ‘go with the flow’. We shall use some special price bar / candlestick that indicates thrust and momentum in a specific direction at a specific level.

• PURE PRICE ACTION TRADING – Ditch the indicators, they will mislead you. Instead just watch and monitor the price action trading since the clues that you will get from this will be far more reliable than indicators.

• EXTREMELY LUCRATIVE REWARD TO RISK RATIO – Well, this is one of the most important aspect to trading profitably. The R/R ratio will minimum be 2:1.

• HIGH WIN LOSS RATIO – While this isn’t as important as reward to risk ratio, traders start losing patience if they encounter many losing trades in a row. Their faith and confidence in the methodology goes down. Hence, win-loss ratio is important and our methodology will strive to give you minimum 45%-50% win-loss ratio.

• EXTREMELY OBJECTIVE THAT LEAVES NOTHING TO GUESSWORK – We shall leave nothing to discretion. My methodology will provide precise entry level, stop loss and take profit level.

• EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND IMPLEMENT – I will not complicate the technical aspect of trading since anyway, like any other trader, you will find emotional and psychological part very difficult.


Because I’m a professional trader and not a marketing professional I will not push you to buy my program right away by using some cheap sales gimmicks like “only a limited number of copies available”, “price to increase soon”, “site will be closed” etc. The site will not be closed and I’m here to support you. Take your time and decide if its right for you. But one thing is for sure: You will be pleasantly surprised with my methodology and my professional support. I will spare no efforts in delivering above your expectations and you will get all your queries resolved to your utmost satisfaction, thereby making it a complete no-brainer deal for you whlist providing the best bang for your buck! Do check out the reviews on:


(You will receive the course material within maximum 12 hours of placing the order. If you don't have this much patience, trust me , you should not be in trading business)

Finally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I earnestly look forward to help you with this highly profitable trading strategy.

Truly committed to your success,
Chin Tan

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